Inspiring GREATNESS!
Success results from consistent thought. 
Remember The Little Engine Who Could
“I think I can,” guided him to success. The phenomenon
depicted in the inspiring children’s tale is based on a natural truth. 
You and I are the products of our thoughts. 
Have you been thinking success?  
In what area of your life do you desire to be successful? 
Do you believe you have what it takes to achieve your desire? 
Beliefs shape thoughts. 
Creation takes place when beliefs allow desire to form. 
Creating success is a simple, yet delicate process that can be achieved
with proper focus.  Believe you can have what you desire.  
Act in expression of your belief! 
Move towards the top of the hill like the Little Engine. 
In reality, hills vary according to desire and the owner of the desire. 
The way over is the same. 
We think ourselves into or away from success.
Other people and things outside of one’s self can serve as good company,
but they have little to do with success. 
Success and failure happen through personal thoughts and beliefs. 
It matters not what Bobby and Suzy think about you. 
Your beliefs determine your success. 
It is natural to become disturbed in some manner when we learn the thoughts and
opinions other people have about us. 
Naturally, this is a fruitless expenditure of energy.

Invest in yourself by focusing on what you desire. 
Attach to the process of creating success. 
What you do now will determine later experiences. 
Remain detached from the outcome. 
There is no need to stunt the growth of your success with worry. 
Effortlessly enhance and refine yourself with positive and encouraging thoughts. 
Continue to act out your beliefs.
Commit to consistent movement up the hill. 
The story of The Little Engine Who Could was written to demonstrate and encourage a fact of life. 
Think you can and you will.  
Stop worrying about money, if you are. 
This is easier said than done, you are
probably thinking.  Ah hah! If you think it is easier said than done, without a doubt, it will be. 
I suggest you change your thoughts, first, and then stop worrying about money. 
If adjustments are necessary to achieve this, make them. 
Doing so is an act in the belief you can worry less about money.  

Now, with worry out of the way, you have room in your heart, mind, and soul to create success. 
Would you like to have more money so that you can stop living check to check? 
Create it!

What are your skills and areas of expertise? 
Think in terms of truth and reality with emphasis on what you enjoy doing. 
There may be something that you enjoy doing but need to be updated, like a computer. 
Research can be conducted with the movement of fingertips on a computer keyboard. 
The internet is a creation of world-wide information. 
It can also be a marketplace for the product, information, and service you have to offer. 
Desire and belief will determine success.
If you find yourself in the position many people find themselves in this age of technology and information, wanting to create personal income through the internet but don’t know how, be informed you can. 
There are many programs circulating the net offering this same information for a lower price than their competitor. 
They are examples of what some people have developed as product in the internet marketplace.  
Keep up with your thoughts. 
Refocus on success as needed. 
Use internet time in search of useful tools to propel you towards where it is you would like to go. 
Dedicate yourself to the process while working at a pace that will accommodate you and your aim. 
Have fun during every opportunity presented.  
Focus on consistency over numbers, speaking in terms of financial success.  
Every thought and action from the belief you can have your
is necessary fertilizer for creating success. 
It is unnecessary to worry about the arrival of the flower after a good
seed has been planted in fertile soil and given proper water and light. 
Busy yourself with the rewarding act of planting as many seeds of desire as you will. 
Celebrate your success with congratulations, even if you are the only attendee of the party. 
Each seed of success planted will produce itself in your life. 
Enjoy the experience of success and the exhilarating sensation of creating it.   


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