Inspiring GREATNESS!
Feelings of love are the fastest sure way to experience your desires. Love is one of the highest vibrations of the Universe. It is up there with joy and appreciation. The only reason any of us have desires is because we believe possessing what is desired will deliver a better feeling than is being experienced currently. What we desire to feel is love, our purest essence. Love is who we are, the reason we came forth into physical reality. It takes place in the moment where you stand, immediately, when it is chosen. That is why I have claimed it to be the best way to experience desires.

If the purest essence of humans is love, why then is love needed to be chosen? Is it not a natural byproduct of existence?

Yes. Love is a natural byproduct of existence but it isn't always acknowledged in human existence. Accumulated emotional baggage act as blinders to the reality of true human essence. Love is inclusive and non-judging. It allows each of us to choose how we feel in every moment we exists. It does not and will not force itself into the experience of any individual. Love continues to exist in its perfection regardless if it is a chosen or overlooked reality.

If I asked you, which feels better what would you choose? Anger or Love? Pain or Love? Lies or Love? 

When asked in this way, the preferred choice is easily recognized and chosen. It is in day-to-day living when love becomes an illusive option. It is many times, possibly in your own life, something that feels like a fairytale desire while the opposite of love is actually experienced. Other people and unplanned circumstances make us angry, bring with them pain and many times lies. Love is desired but the way to it is unknown. 

All is needed to see the truth of life is a choice to abandon all that feels less than you desire to feel. Feeling good will carry you naturally and effortlessly to love. As soon as you arrive in the vicinity of love, this is where you feel joy and appreciation, you will discover a clear path towards your heart's desires. Feeling love and experiencing what is desired is like a slice of heaven. your slice is waiting for you to savor its deliciousness. Life is meant to feel good. Why choose it to be any other way? 

Contributing Artist:
DeMeitta Wesley

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