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Feelings of love are the fastest sure way to experience your desires. Love is one of the highest vibrations of the Universe. It is up there with joy and appreciation. The only reason any of us have desires is because we believe possessing what is desired will deliver a better feeling than is being experienced currently. What we desire to feel is love, our purest essence. Love is who we are, the reason we came forth into physical reality. It takes place in the moment where you stand, immediately, when it is chosen. That is why I have claimed it to be the best way to experience desires.

If the purest essence of humans is love, why then is love needed to be chosen? Is it not a natural byproduct of existence?

Yes. Love is a natural byproduct of existence but it isn't always acknowledged in human existence. Accumulated emotional baggage act as blinders to the reality of true human essence. Love is inclusive and non-judging. It allows each of us to choose how we feel in every moment we exists. It does not and will not force itself into the experience of any individual. Love continues to exist in its perfection regardless if it is a chosen or overlooked reality.

If I asked you, which feels better what would you choose? Anger or Love? Pain or Love? Lies or Love? 

When asked in this way, the preferred choice is easily recognized and chosen. It is in day-to-day living when love becomes an illusive option. It is many times, possibly in your own life, something that feels like a fairytale desire while the opposite of love is actually experienced. Other people and unplanned circumstances make us angry, bring with them pain and many times lies. Love is desired but the way to it is unknown. 

All is needed to see the truth of life is a choice to abandon all that feels less than you desire to feel. Feeling good will carry you naturally and effortlessly to love. As soon as you arrive in the vicinity of love, this is where you feel joy and appreciation, you will discover a clear path towards your heart's desires. Feeling love and experiencing what is desired is like a slice of heaven. your slice is waiting for you to savor its deliciousness. Life is meant to feel good. Why choose it to be any other way? 

Contributing Artist:
DeMeitta Wesley

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Love Yourself because it is the
fastest way to experience true love. Love Yourself because it is the only way
you are capable of offering love to another...especially when you judge their
presentation as unloving. Love Yourself because it allows you access to
receiving love from others. Love Yourself because You Are Awesome and deserving
of Your Love. 
Life is supposed to be FUN! It can be embraced with thoughts of ease and
goodness ever flowing into your experience. This is the way to have more peace
and joy no matter what presents in your day. I'm certain life has taught you,
just as it has me, that you absolutely can not control another person. The only
human you have full control over is yourself. You can always choose how you will
feel and respond to moment-by-moment experiences. This is extremely useful when
facing discomfort. Discomfort is nothing more than an experience that you will
respond to one way or another. Typically, people react to things as they've
practiced doing for years nevermind poor results. At anytime you have the power
to change this. 

You must align yourself with the type of emotions you desire to feel at the
beginning of each day so you are already suited to handle and benefit from what
follows. Whatever you give your attention to you attract into your experience.
So, if you would like to experience peace, love, joy, abundance you must align
with those vibrations. I'm assuming you are already aware of the fact that
everything physical and non-physical exists as vibrations on a fundamental
level. You, your thoughts, and emotions are all vibrations that holds a specific
frequency based on where your attention is focused. Like vibrations vibe
together. Meaning, your physical being represents the vibrations of your
thoughts and emotions. This acts like a magnet and draws to you people and
experiences that match the vibration you emit.

The good knews is...

You control your personal vibration by your ability to focus your attention
on what is desired. I love living life with ease, so this is why I practice
focusing on ease. When I awaken with ease, I acknowledge it. When I pay bills
with ease, I acknowledge it. When I have ease in my experience with others, I
acknowledge it. When I walk outside and interact with the ease of the
environment and nature, I acknowledge it. As often as presented, I give my
undivided attention to ease. And you know what? I experience ease moment after
moment. Ease-Z living. I love it.

Give it a try. Focus on something that you would like to experience.
Acknowledge this thing everywhere you see and experience it. As you do this,
take note of how much more of it presents in your life. Also, if you find
yourself experiencing discomfort notice where your focused attention has been
and make necessary adjustments to experience what is desired. You'll thank
yourself for this.

Recently, I went into a deep meditation while creating art. I focused on a
particular emotion and its vibration. Do you know which it was? EASE! You're
right. Above I have shared what presented. Meditation art is an excellent way to
focus on desires. It allows the mind to absorb the vibration of desires and at
the same time it allows kreativity to flow. That is what Kreative Inspirations
is all about! Give it a try. I know you'll love it. I did.

Hello. Today I would like to talk about the concept of What feels Good vs.
What doesn't feel good. I was surprised when life revealed to me that this is
all that is ever important in any life experience. I once believed my life's
work was to overcome the many obstacles that present on my way to being
successful. "Successful in what?" I eventually asked myself. Truth has a funny
way of showing up, sometimes, so ask questions you are really ready to have the
answer to.

"Ask and it is given." Many people believe this promise of the creator to be
true theorhetically but don't always live as though it is true. I am raising my
hand because I am guilty of this. Why is this?

The answer in short to why some people live as though they will not receive
what they've asked for, even though they believe in God and the soundness of his
words, is for some reason or another they believe this applies to certain ones
whom they are not. Deep down inside they believe the promise could possibly be
for everyone but them because of other beliefs they have about themselves.

I've never really known what I wanted to be successful in exactly. I believe
I desired to be successful in everything. And I can say, I sure did give it my
best shot. 

I hit the ground running shortly after birth and quickly mastered all of the
infant and toddler milestones. I remember desiring to know how to read, and then
wanting to know how to read cursive writing, to wanting to know how to write
neat print and cursive. I was shown in response to my asking and quickly I
mastered my efforts. I completed HeadStart and Kindergarten both in one school
year and was double promoted to first grade at 5 years old. 

I graduated high school at age 17 after many unpleasant life experiences that
I could have used as excuses to give up on my aim for success. Afterwards, I
enrolled into a top notch University after winning a $1,000 scholarship for an
essay I wrote claiming education to be the key to success and failed my freshman
year. I was placed on academic suspension but my issue had nothing to do with my
ability to do the work. I missed crucial final exams because I didn't know there
wasn't a retake. Keeping an eye on my boyfriend at the time, trying to make sure
he didn't cheat on me was more important. How silly of me, but it's true.

I have always been articulate and I knew how to professionally present
myself, although I was young, so at the end of suspension I petitioned the
school for readmittance and it was granted. I simply told the truth. I was
young, ignorant to the guidelines of final exams, my focus had been distracted,
and I intended to make necessary adjustments to proceed as a successful student.
I did that. In 2001, when I graduated with a BA in Psychology and minor in
Sociology, I was a single mother of two children and without the key to success.
So, I continued my study for a BA in Social Work. 

One year later, during the second semester of my senior year of Social Work,
I faced being threatened to be withdrawn from the Social Work department, the
end of an unsatisfying relationship, knowledge of my mother's terminal illness,
and extremely unpleasant thoughts and emotions about myself. What
? (I go into more details about this in my upcoming book
Looking For Comfort. I'll let you know when it
releases for public share. )

I went from a determined little individual to someone who was utterly afraid
of life and angry with myself for not knowing how to fix all that I perceived to
be broken. I wanted to give up. That's what happen when enough focused attention
is given to What doesn't feel Good. My life felt like crap and it was too much
to clean, so I wanted to be taken away from it. God visited me during this
aching moment in my life and in a way that I could understand he let me know
that I had succeeded in many things and had failed in nothing. There were areas
that I desired success in, which was achievable, only I must continue to live to
experience it. This information that God presented felt much better than my idea
of myself as a failure whom I wanted to escape, so I agreed. I stood with a
fresh perspective of myself and sought out to be successful in living life more
abundantly. Of course, thinking and speaking my desire was more easily done than
experiencing it.

I started personal development and studied all that I could to gain a better
understanding about fear and love and how they play out in life experiences.
During my accute study, I met many spiritual teachers whom I came to believe I
knew personally through the adventures I joined them in that they shared. Iyanla
Vanzant was among them. Her story was so profoundly similar to my own, although
uniquely different. I loved her approach and her achievements in spite of her
once allowing fear to color her life. In my heart a desire formed to one day
meet her in person. (I'm still in expectation of this.) One phrase that
she said during one of her talks that NOW stands out to me is:
"Writing wasn't something I was. It was something I did." Hmmm.

 Success, I once believed, was about doing some great thing. I successfully
accomplished many great things, yet I still felt far away from the success I
desired. I have a tattoo of the Japanese symbol for happiness on my left leg
that represents what I truely desired for my life. I desired to be happy. 

It took several years of communicating with God, through the various mediums
he presented in my life, to understand how to successfully achieve the happiness
I desired. I had to focus on What feels Good vs. What doesn't feel Good. Had I
known this information sooner and been able to apply it to my life in the
earlier 'green' portions I could have experienced happiness and success with
ease. I'm thankful for the way my experiences inspired my understanding to
unfold because I have a beautiful heartfelt story to tell that has a neverending
happy beginning. 

Yesterday, I encountered some members of my family and experienced emotional
discomfort for various reasons. For awhile, as if I didn't know any better, I
gave my focused attention to experiences, thoughts, and emotions that didn't
feel good. They felt so horrible I cried like a wounded child. I was wounded. My
feelings were hurt and at the same time I knew that I understood on a deeper
level what was required of me to feel better on an inner level. I had to
forgive, release, and refocus. 

In order for me to feel good again, as I had before these encounters, I had
to again focus on what felt good. My focus on what didn't feel good, didn't feel
good. And, no matter how much time and energy I gave to discomfort it would
remain as discomfort. I cried like a baby but I know and knew I'm a big girl;
grown and capable of deciding how I will feel in any given moment. Because my
emotions were deeply attached to these relationships with specific family
members, it took a while before I regained spiritual consciousness and control
over my emotions. 

When the successful moment occured, when I acknowledged the fact that people
are people and we are all human and there will be times when our paths cross
unpleasantly and in those moments the ball is in my court, I regained my
personal power. I could have missed the shot at opportunity to embrace love and
greatness or I could slam dunk my emotions into a place untouchable by anything
outside of the truth of all there is. I admitt, I was a little slow on the
family emotional court and but still I succeeded. 

I focused away from what didn't feel good and gave deliberate attention and
intent focus on what felt great. For starters, it felt great to know that I was
back in emotional control of myself. I continued with a list of positive aspects
and thoughts about my family members that felt good. I love my family. I enjoy
spending time with them. I am not their thoughts and emotions relative to me. I
can love them from a distance, as needed, and still be open to embrace
interaction when opportunity presents. I am not alone even though I have minute
emotional access to my family. My mother exists in the non-physical realm but
still physically focused with me in my heart. I can be, do, and have anything I
desire should belief, expectation, and alignment with the truth of all there is
takes place. I am great no matter what I do or don't do. Success has never been
about education or any other physically tangible item. It is about feeling
awesome in any given moment, and that happens simply by decision.

 If you are experiencing something that doesn't feel good relax and know that
this can change and will as soon as you shift your attention to what feels good.
Life is supposed to feel good. When it doesn't it is a mere indicator of our

I wish you unlimited pleasant moments. I love you. Take care.

DeMeitta Wesley
Founder of Kreative Inspirations
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Previously we explored the idea of taking a wrong step in life.
How can life be fixed was answered. Life is held together by a perfect
operating system and it can’t be broken. Therefore, it can’t be fixed.
It doesn’t need to be fixed. Life simply is best when it is fully lived.

Understanding and embracing the present moment as all there is
allows now to be lived fully. Fully present living places the paintbrush in
your hand to color the canvas of your life with stimulating details of the absolute
best of you. Living fully as all that you are and all that you have potential to be
aligns you with all there is in a natural state of high energy. High vibratory energy
feels pleasant and inspiring.

Life experiences are indicators that represent current beliefs and expectations.
Beliefs are thoughts practiced often. Thoughts evoke emotions,
which are vibrations that wield reality, experiences, into place. Emotions can
be deliberately chosen and can be decided to reflect what feels best.

Our feelings, the way we feel about ourselves and everything perceived to be outside of us,
determines how life is experienced and responded to. You are the only one experiencing
your life. Your responses are reflections of how you feel as the main character.

Feelings are choices. I know some people who disagree, believing they are involuntary
responses to stimuli. Everything is a part of life entertaining itself, in my opinion.
Choice is always an available option, or is the option. In any given situation we
choose the way we feel about something. This is usually done according to what we believe
is deserved for whatever is being experienced. Little attention is given to how the emotion
feels from the understanding of it being chosen.

Low frequency emotions, like sadness, anger, and fear are parasitic feelings that feed off self-perception.
Just like an image projector, life is a projector of whatever person it belongs to. A distortion in
self-perception causes a distortion in projection. 

High frequency emotions like happy, joy, and bliss are nourishing emotions that heals all wounds.
They cleanse the lens of the projector and allow moments of truth to be experienced. Any moment of life can
be felt with high or low frequency emotions.

Now + Choice= Freedom

How can natural freedom be incorporated into daily life

It is accomplished moment by moment, choice by choice. You become so involved with painting the picture
of your life in a way that makes your heart soar; you literally become each moment. That’s the freedom I’m
referring to.

What happens when for some reason freedom is forgotten and life inspires emotions
that feel unpleasant?
In moments that causes you to desire better feeling experiences
you face opportunity to think a better thought and feel a pleasing emotion that
will undoubtedly create a pleasant experience. The more experiences you have
expressing freedom the quicker you will choose to revisit when in moments of

Greater You can always be given center stage in your life. You
are director in all moments of now and it is you who decides what takes place
inside of you. Your own life can be the best show on Earth when you know and
express the truth of who you are. You exist as an expression of love, a
reflection of the creator of all there is. Truly you are great because you are.

You are invited to practice the exercise below. The purpose is
to guide you to fully living in the present. The more you practice clarity


Close your eyes. Yes, in this moment. Close your eyes and focus your
attention on now. Notice the sound and speed of your breath. Feel the rise in
your upper body with inhalation and the release in exhalation. Give little
attention to mental chatter, thoughts. Instead, assess how you feel. Move your
awareness from inside to outside of your body. How do you feel in the
environment where you are?

What sounds do you hear? How do they encourage you to feel? Do you detect
any scents? Are you able to see images display in your

Of course you can’t indulge in the exercise while reading. It will still
be now at the end of this. That will be the perfect now to start practice. Give
attention to now as often as possible.

Create a mental journal where you will keep details of your
experiences with attention given to now. Establish a continuous period of time
to complete the exercise. It doesn’t take long to become amazed at the profound
wonder of now. The goal is to hone a skill, sharpen a tool, and build an
internal muscle. I suggest 2-4 weeks. Choose what works best for you and adjust
by experience. Some will start to give notice to the infinite of now in shorter
spans of calculated time than others. While in the now, attending to it as it
is, what do you do with it? What happens next in your story?  


Can Life Be Fixed


“What did I do wrong? How can I fix this?” 
Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I have; more times than I
can count. One of the major experiences in my life that inspired me to ask took
place a couple of months after I graduated from college in 2001. I was
unemployed in spite of determinedly applying for positions in my field of study
at first, and then in panic applying for whatever job I saw advertised in the
local newspaper and on-site. I felt like I’d taken a wrong step somewhere when
bills became delinquent, car was repossessed, and my lifestyle drastically changed. 

“What did I do wrong? How can I fix this?” I cried out in frustration.
Because of my upbringing, I thought I’d done something wrong and I was
being punished for it. In my opinion, the punishment was harsher than the crime,
since I was unaware of what I’d done. A part of me was ready to throw in the
towel, wave a white flag, surrender, and call GAME! I felt like the biggest
Loser who didn’t know what was wrong or how to fix it. My desire to operate at
peak performance grew utterly pissed off with me. I was proving to be useless in
the problem solving department of my life.
It took some time for me to grasp the fact that I had done nothing wrong
to cause the predicament I saw myself to be in. Perception of myself relative to
life and what was expected of me held me in experience that I disliked. Stepping
back away from the situation helped. I was able to release the judgments I held
about the experience of unemployment and the loss of material possessions, and
the outer presentation they created. I accepted the body weight and hair I lost
in response to stress over the way my life looked and felt. 
In 2002, not only was I unemployed but many people were and
believed they were unable to possess much of the things they needed and desired.
As time has rolled us into 2013 many more people have experienced abrupt life
changes and financial limitations. Some of them point the blame finger at
themselves, while others support belief in an economic recession that has
stimulated a collapse in financial stability. No matter the underlying cause,
unemployment is viewed by almost all individuals in Western culture as something
to be avoided and quickly changed when presented. “Something’s wrong with me,”
started chanting in my mind when I realized I was unemployed and hadn’t been
able to change it, quickly. 

I am thankful I realized right and wrong as opinions that either I use, or other people use, to
label experiences. I understood. I finally got it. The only thing I was able to
control was the way I felt while in the present of an experience. Feeling like I
done something wrong added to the poor thoughts and emotions I already had about
the way events had unfolded after graduation. I couldn’t control whether a
potential employer hired me, or the economy and the role it played in the satire
of my life. 

People are people and they are going to think and feel whatever
they will. There was absolutely NOTHING, no-thing, I could do to control that.
Some of the people I knew who was acquainted with me when I was carefree and in
full enjoyment of college life would wonder where I went wrong (because that’s
how many humans’minds work. When someone loses material possessions, nice
material possessions, and is threatened with homelessness it is automatic.
What happened is almost an involuntary response.) 

Worrying about the looks of my situation and possible responses
from others held me in emotions that felt awful, like torture. I had control
over whether I chose to sit in an awful feeling place, or like a cat who is no
longer interested, stand and leave. I could choose my next step according to
where I preferred to be or let it be chosen by fearful attempts to escape a
nightmare. The majority of the uncomfortable dream consisted of thoughts and
feelings in response to the opinions of others.

All life is lived in the present moment. Many people, without
realizing they are doing it, stand in the present focused backwards, in past
events, on uncomfortable experiences and emotions. Many present moments are
spent gazing towards an outward, separate future. What has yet happened is felt
and believed to have greater potential than now to offer desired experience.
This happens when we fail to view life as it is in the present as capable of
being the experience of desire. Relief is an emotional shift that takes place in
the present moment of satisfying reasons to do so. A choice to feel relief is
reason enough to produce desired change. 

Present emotions and experiences are connected in the same way as creator and created.
They reflect each other. They are each other and both have unlimited potential
because of each other. Almost involuntarily, the instance life is observed in
that way, emotions and experiences shift. When desires rather than fears are
focused upon they drive the engine of pleasant living.

Back to the questions:

“What did I do wrong? How can I fix it?”

There are countless ways to answer. I am going to attempt two.
The first answer in short, you didn’t do anything wrong. You can’t fix it. All
you can do is accept what has happened and move forward in a pleasing direction. 
The second answer, you did nothing wrong. There is no need to
fix anything because nothing is wrong. Your life displays your emotions and life
expectations in the form of experiences. This is mostly information, not a poor
score on a life test. The information conveys intricate, detailed information
about what you are choosing to believe and what you desire to experience. In
this way, informative unpleasant experiences are tools that can be used to fine
tune life experience.

I like knowing I was torturing myself with judgments and fears
about unemployment. Judgments and fears about my value and intellect were
neutralized and in those moments I felt relief. I felt capable, alive, and
inspired. Moments when I leaned back into judgments and fears started to look
and feel familiar. Slowly but surely, I continued to revisit relieving emotions;
feelings of capability, aliveness, and inspiration. Eventually, moments of this
nature became familiar. I’m no longer asking what I did wrong and how can I fix
it when I encounter an uncomfortable experience. I can focus on what is
comfortable in the moment, if only the profound knowing that I am capable,
alive, and an inspiration. 

If you have ever asked yourself the questions I proposed at the
beginning of this interaction I wish you experience of the whole truth of
yourself and your life. Life is awesome and fulfilling when it is lived as it is
without worry or fear. Only then can one ride the vibratory wave of potential.
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