Inspiring GREATNESS!
Life is supposed to be FUN! It can be embraced with thoughts of ease and
goodness ever flowing into your experience. This is the way to have more peace
and joy no matter what presents in your day. I'm certain life has taught you,
just as it has me, that you absolutely can not control another person. The only
human you have full control over is yourself. You can always choose how you will
feel and respond to moment-by-moment experiences. This is extremely useful when
facing discomfort. Discomfort is nothing more than an experience that you will
respond to one way or another. Typically, people react to things as they've
practiced doing for years nevermind poor results. At anytime you have the power
to change this. 

You must align yourself with the type of emotions you desire to feel at the
beginning of each day so you are already suited to handle and benefit from what
follows. Whatever you give your attention to you attract into your experience.
So, if you would like to experience peace, love, joy, abundance you must align
with those vibrations. I'm assuming you are already aware of the fact that
everything physical and non-physical exists as vibrations on a fundamental
level. You, your thoughts, and emotions are all vibrations that holds a specific
frequency based on where your attention is focused. Like vibrations vibe
together. Meaning, your physical being represents the vibrations of your
thoughts and emotions. This acts like a magnet and draws to you people and
experiences that match the vibration you emit.

The good knews is...

You control your personal vibration by your ability to focus your attention
on what is desired. I love living life with ease, so this is why I practice
focusing on ease. When I awaken with ease, I acknowledge it. When I pay bills
with ease, I acknowledge it. When I have ease in my experience with others, I
acknowledge it. When I walk outside and interact with the ease of the
environment and nature, I acknowledge it. As often as presented, I give my
undivided attention to ease. And you know what? I experience ease moment after
moment. Ease-Z living. I love it.

Give it a try. Focus on something that you would like to experience.
Acknowledge this thing everywhere you see and experience it. As you do this,
take note of how much more of it presents in your life. Also, if you find
yourself experiencing discomfort notice where your focused attention has been
and make necessary adjustments to experience what is desired. You'll thank
yourself for this.

Recently, I went into a deep meditation while creating art. I focused on a
particular emotion and its vibration. Do you know which it was? EASE! You're
right. Above I have shared what presented. Meditation art is an excellent way to
focus on desires. It allows the mind to absorb the vibration of desires and at
the same time it allows kreativity to flow. That is what Kreative Inspirations
is all about! Give it a try. I know you'll love it. I did.

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